Yes, just Google: website speed optimization service.

But, what will you find, and is it worth it? Read on…

Can You Hire Someone to Speed Up Your Blog FEAT
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For the record, I’m not affiliated with anyone that offers these services. In this post, I’ll offer my experience, and a general indication of what to expect.

While I focus on websites in this post, many of the points covered also apply to other blogging platforms.

Can I Pay Someone To Speed Up My Website?

As above, yes you can. I did a little digging, and this is what I found:

The Cheapest Option: Website Speed Audit

[From $10-$50] At the bottom of the scale is a website speed audit. This service is normally offered by an experienced blogger. They will review your website, and tell you where you’re going wrong.

The problem with this service is, YOU have to carry out the work yourself, having received a pointer from the experienced blogger.

For example, I could tell you that your images are too large, and offer a few solutions. However, at that point you would have to actually spend time re-sizing your images (or learn how to use a plugin that will do it for you).

This sort of intervention will normally see a page-speed score increase of 10-30 points.

The Mid-range Option: Quick Site Optimization

[From $150-$300] Next we have the quick site optimization crew. This is normally a small online business with a cool looking website, offering a range of website speed services.

Their lowest price-point might be around $150, for which you’ll get the bare minimum (still, more than enough to speed up a slow blog). It appears to me, that this is what they’ll do:

Step 1. Conduct a page-speed test on a few of your pages.

Step 2. Log into your website and review what you got going on.

Step 3. Remove any heavy 3rd party resources you’re using, and delete any heavy pointless plugins.

Step 4. Install, and run, an image optimizer plugin -because more than likely, your images are massive.

Step 5. Install catching plugins.

These simple steps will result in a visible return on investment, and assuming you’re not running ads, should achieve page-speed scores in the 60s, to 80s.

What these guys won’t do for a budget price, is change your WordPress Theme, or carry out any changes that could result in hours of work (unless you have an open-ended contract).

They may offer you a website hosting transfer, but I’m dubious. This sounds more like an affiliate payoff to me, but I could be wrong. The fact is, most website slowdown isn’t occurring because of your host. However, your hosting fee is probably your only long-term investment, so why not sell you a new package (and try to get a cut)? Call me cynical.

(Honourable mention: Also in this price-range are the freelancers, who can found at Fiver, or Upwork (many of whom appear to charge between $40-$60 per hour).

The Top End Option: Complete Website Speed Optimization

[From $999+] Some midrange guys may offer this package too, for a lower price.

In short, these guys will take your site off you, and return it with a 90-100 page-speed score (assuming you don’t run ads, or require heavy 3rd party off-site resources).

They will carry out all of the above and keep going:

  • Problem solve and backwards engineer your website
  • Change the WordPress Theme where necessary
  • Fine tune your caching
  • Setup a CDN or dedicated server at the location of your main source of traffic
  • Write bespoke code as required

DIY Blog Speed Optimization

Finally, you have the option of doing it yourself, which is achievable, but takes time and a commitment to learning.

You might rather focus your energies into content creation, and business growth, instead of learning about website speed. Only you can make that call. If you do decide to DIY it, my post on website speed is a good place to start.

Anyway, that’s it. I hope you found this post helpful!

*All prices were taken from web-searches I conducted before publishing this post.

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