Block Print Friendly: A WordPress Guide

Bloggers put a lot of energy into creating content that users value. However, Print Friendly websites can directly impact their ability to earn from their efforts.

How To Add CSS To WordPress.ORG, .COM And Others!

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, is a simple programming language used to style web-pages. It can change the color of your title text, position a photo, or even create a sticky menu.

NoPin HTML: Block Pinterest Saving An Image

If you’ve added Pinterest code to your blog, you might have noticed something a little irritating: Now, all of your images have a Pinterest pin button next to them.

Does Jetpack Slow Down WordPress?

Jetpack gets a bad rap. Any blogger worth their salt will tell you: “Don’t use Jetpack, it will slowdown WordPress”. It’s common knowledge, Jetpack is awful.