There’s one sure-fire way to become an online Millionaire: Be really popular.

If you’re popular, you have loads of options for cashing in. For example, you could start a YouTube channel, and make money from ad-revenue, sponsors, and affiliates. And then you could redirect traffic to your own website, and start the whole process over again.

Become An Online Millionaire

Make Big Money Online -Fast

Making that Internet Cash is easy, just get 100K followers on any social media platform. It would help if you have a skill, like juggling, or dancing, or something that will entertain the masses.

We could forgo the skill, if you’re good looking. Are you? Don’t be modest.

If you are, get on camera and do something. Then, tell all of your friends about it, and get them to spread the word too.

Just do whatever is required to get those followers, and once you have them, we can talk monetisation.

Sell Product On A Large Online Marketplace

So, you’re not good looking, and you don’t have a skill. That’s fine. I can empathise. But, that shouldn’t stop you. Why don’t you sell something at one of those BIG online retailers? You know, the ones that don’t require you to have any idea about the stuff you’re selling.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Buy a large quantity of some random product from a poor country.

Step 2. List these items on the Online Marketplace of your choice.

Step 3. Hold your wallet open.

Become An Online Millionaire Examples
An example of where you could be (fig 1)

Create A Super Niche Website

Look, I’m running out of ideas. How serious are you about becoming a Super Internet MILLIONAIRE?

Well, I’ve saved the best ’til last: You could create a SUPER niche website.

I hear you, “What’s a super niche website, Dave?”. Well, think Door Nails, or Wood Glue, or Blue Top Hats.

Find some niche that’s sooo boring that you hate having to write about it. But you do. Every Week. Solely because the search engines keep sending you traffic.

Not a lot of traffic, just enough to keep you writing. And deffo more than you’d expect would seriously be looking for info about Blue Top Hats.

None-the-less, those people are your target audience, ideal for selling your new EBOOK to. The EBOOK you spent 2 years writing, all about those BLUE TOP HATS.

Just don’t tell anyone your secret, that you’ve NEVER once actually left your house wearing a BLUE TOP HAT!

Becoming An Internet Millionaire HOW TO

I’ve had a bit of fun in this post, but in jest many a true thing is said.

Look around. There are so many successful entrepreneurs who make their money online, us included. Don’t be dissuaded, but maybe keep an eye out for the doggy salesmen, and women, out there.

The truth in this post is:

  1. Being popular can make you a million pounds online. The internet gives you exposure to 90% of the world population. If you can market yourself to a small percentage of them, you can cash in.

  2. You could buy cheap product from China and other manufacturing countries, and sell it online. So many successful entrepreneurs are already doing this. And, even though they’re making money and appear to have the market cornered, the fact is, we all hate the poor quality we are currently receiving. This means there’s an opportunity for the right person to step in and fill the gap.

  3. You could make a bucket load of money with the right niche website. If I sounded bitter, it’s because I don’t have a niche website. I blog about BLOGGING. That’s like 90% of the blogging world. NOBODY comes to this site without my express invitation, byway of a link which they accidently hit while trying to scroll past it. However, yes: Niche=good for internet style money -fast.

If you don’t want/need a million bucks, you could still try this stuff out. How’s 10k a month sound? More reasonable?

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