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From Debt To Crochet

In our younger years, my wife and I were creative people. For my part, I drew pencil drawings, created computer based art, and dabbled in programming.

For her part, she made 3 dimensional objects, from Jewellery, to woodwork, and eventually, to crochet.

We were both creative people, but in completely different ways. However, as life unfolded, we put down our tools and reached for a pay-cheque instead.

The Burden Of Money

Soon enough, we were both working awful jobs, and barely scraping by. We lived in a shoe-box sized, one-bed house, and paid a hefty price for the privilege.

Then in 2008, the housing market collapsed, causing a world-wide recession. For us, it meant negative equity – a new debt which outweighed our total life savings.

It’s the sort of event that makes you grateful for the soul destroying job you have.

The recession was life changing for us. We were trapped in these shitty jobs, and loaded with debt. But, despair not dear reader, because the path we would take, would lead us to freedom…

From that point on, the goal was to free ourselves from the burden of money.

Ling Ryan Drawing Web Blog Life 2

Hooked On Patterns

After a lot of thinking, and strategizing, we came up with a plan: start living frugally, and pay off the debt.

With every pay-cheque, we’d pay a little more, until one day, it was gone.

By that point, we hated our jobs even more, so we started to think about escaping the rat-race. And that’s when we had the idea of FIRE (extreme early retirement).

So, we began down that road: Being frugal and saving money.

And, life was like that for a time; every financial decision revolved around the goal of Early Retirement (which should really be called, ‘Freedom’).

Then a breakthrough occurred: We decided to start a business, instead of saving money for early retirement.

Next, in the short version, my wife took up crochet and began selling crochet patterns at Ravelry. She called her shop, Hooked On Patterns.

Hooked On Patterns Logo

Build and Create

At first, we started a simple website that housed pictures of her crochet patterns. It stayed that way for a year or so, because we really didn’t know what we were doing.

But slowly, we began to develop a strategy.

Soon, we were working together, realising our skills complimented each other.

After a few years of growing, Hooked On Patterns was earning enough of a stable income for me to go part-time at work. Then one day, I didn’t have to go at all.

It took about 2 and a half years, from that first crochet pattern sale, to the day we had both quit our jobs. Our small blog had changed our lives.

Ryan Pencil Drawing

If you’re interested in learning more about the process of starting an online business, this website will house free content for you to read. You can also book a consultation for more personalised guidance.

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