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Creating A Successful Crochet Business

In 2015, we started a crochet business called Hooked On Patterns. To begin with, we exclusively sold downloadable crochet tutorials.

Since then, Hooked On Patterns has grown into a popular blog and business. We got here by observing and applying what other successful blog owners were already doing.

Crochet Blogging Tips Hooked On Patterns

Our Journey To A Successful Crochet Business

We started like many others, with the simple idea of selling physical products, in our case, crocheted items. So, the customer could find our product on Etsy for example, order it, and receive it in the post.

However, this proved to be one of the worst ways to make money from a skill, because you’re selling your time to one person for a minimal fee.

It might take hours to crochet an item and then, just to price it reasonably, you have to charge less than what you would have earned from a minimum wage job.

Next, we moved onto selling PDF downloads (crochet patterns).

We were selling crochet patterns at a number of online stores, purposely designed for distributing crochet patterns. But, we still couldn’t generate enough income to live off.

Up until this point, we were putting all of our efforts into promoting the third-party websites that were housing our products. This meant, if you searched for Hooked On Patterns on Google, they would appear at the top of the list.

Meanwhile, we noticed that other successful crocheters had their own websites, and appeared to be making money from advertising.

After a period of observation, we shifted our business strategy. This is what we did:

A Simple Crochet Business Strategy

Hooked On Patterns Logo
  1. Moved our basic website to WordPress.ORG. This made our website faster, gave us full design control, and the ability to work with an Ad Management Company (because we could now run their software). If you want to learn how to start your own blog, read my step-by-step tutorial, here.
  2. Kept selling at third-party websites – We continued to sell at third-party websites, but now filtered our customers through our website (by directing our promotional efforts there).
  3. Created (and continue to create) FREE content (crochet patterns) to be published on our website. This was to encourage visitors to our site.
  4. Promoted our products across social media. While we had done some promoting before, we actively learned about how to get the most out of social media.
  5. And once we qualified, we applied to work with an Ad management company.

It took some time and effort to implement these changes, but this strategy really worked for us. As a result, here’s our on-going business commitment:

  1. Crochet pattern support – If somebody needs help with a crochet pattern, my wife provides assistance for free
  2. Social media promotion – Social media is part of our daily routine
  3. Website maintenance and checks – Ensure everything is running correctly
  4. Creating new content – To encourage new, and reoccurring, visitors to our website

Tips For Creating A Successful Crochet Business

This formula can be applied to any online crafts of crochet business. It’s really simple in fact:

Advertising is key because it means we can offer premium content for FREE (on our website), which helps to offset a reluctance from our userbase, to purchase our crochet patterns.

If you’d like to learn more about running a crochet business, let me know in the comments below.

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