Becoming A Full Time Blogger - Saving Money Was Pivotal
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Saving Money To Start A Business

In this post, I want to offer my best business tip. This one thing made it possible for us to quit our jobs and spend our days doing what we enjoy:

Saving money.

Becoming A Full Time Blogger - Saving Money Was Pivotal

Saving Money To Use For Business

I’m not here to balance your budget, or to argue who was poorer. Life is what it is, but here’s a point of view that may be useful:

The economic system is designed to encourage you to spend money excessively. But, if you have loads of money, and are already living life on your terms, then go ahead.

But, if you want freedom. Freedom from a job, freedom to decide how to spend your day, freedom to be creative, freedom to try something else in life, then it may be worth challenging this notion. Because, engaging in consumerism before you have freedom, is unlikely to help your cause.

Here’s a short post about our journey to freedom: From debt to crochet.

The key part in that journey was, saving money.

In our minds, money was the instrument that bound us to our jobs. The link was clear: Stop spending, and reduce the requirement for work.

We didn’t know at the time, just how useful all of that saving would be.

Buying Time For Business

There’s no reason why you can’t have a successful business, but a savings pot makes it all the more likely;

  • If you want to turn down working overtime, to work on your business, you can
  • If you want to cut back your hours, you can
  • If you want to invest in your business, you can

Saving money is just like buying time.

We saved money for years, and even though it never seemed like much, in the end it allowed us the freedom to spend time making a business.

  • When my wife quit her job, without a clue of what business she was going to start, we knew we’d be ok, because we had savings
  • When I went part-time at work, we knew we’d be ok, because we had savings
  • When I finally quit my job altogether, we knew we’d be ok, because we had savings

And those savings are what allow us to breath easy today.

Saving Cash

Becoming A Full Time Blogger - Saving Money Was Pivotal PIN

Not everybody has extra money to put aside, and that’s life. I come from poverty and have known many times in my life when I couldn’t eat, let alone, save.

But, when I was working a job (which I hated for the record), I was able to save a little money to begin with. And as time when on, I could save a little more.

My wife and I lived an extremely frugal lifestyle for most of our twenties, because we thought we were saving for Early Retirement. While that was just a pipe-dream, becoming full-time bloggers, wasn’t.

And that’s what motivates me to spread the word:

Sacrificing now, could help you achieve your dreams tomorrow.

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